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For the Students 2006

H.R. 4437 Information
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H.R. 4437 Information

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Threatening aspects of Proposition H.R. 4437 and the Senate Judiciary Bill:
  • "unlawful presence" would now be considered a felony
  • undocumented persons already in the US would only become eligible for residence upon paying a $2,000 fine, having a criminal background check and having learned English
  • anyone or any organization who "assists" an individual without documentation "to reside in or remain" in the U.S. knowingly or with "reckless disregard" as to the individual's legal status would be liable for criminal penalties and five years in prison.  This could include church personnel who provide shelter or other basic needs assistance to an undocumented individual
  • employers can face up to $20,000 fine per undocumented person hired and up to 6 months in jail
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS)enforcement personnel would be permitted to remove a potential asylum-seeker without providing an opportunity to appear before an immigration judge or qualified adjudicator
  • Dept. of Homeland Security would be required to erect up to 700 miles of two layered fencing along the Southwest border
  • the bill authorizes a virtual wall of unmanned vehicles, camaeras, and sensors to monitor the US/Mexican border
  • nationals from countries who do not accept the return of aliens who commit crimes in this country would not be admitted to the U.S.  This would include countries such as China, Vietnam, and Cuba.
  • Dept. of Homeland Security would be given the authority to continue to detain individuals who have served their sentences based upon a determination that they are a "dangerous alien" contrary to Supreme Court rulings barring indefinite detention

In summary this bill will.

  • Cause people to be afraid of sending their kids to school
  • cause people to be afraid of seeking health care
  • encourage racial profiling
  • give authority to arrest anyone that is undocumented
  • give authority to arrest anyone associating with undocumented persons
  • separate children from their parents and divide families